As the season brings a chill to the air, it’s time to start thinking about your winter break plans. How about trying something different this year? We invite you to visit the enchanting pottery studio, “Ennokama,” surrounded by the scenic beauty of Izu Kogen!

Warm Moments with Pottery in Izu Kogen

Embrace the cold winter by experiencing the beauty of Izu Kogen’s landscapes while creating handmade warmth. At our studio, professional potters will guide you through the process. Taking clay into your hands and crafting your own unique pieces brings a joy like no other. From cups to vases, the possibilities are endless.

Quality Time with Family and Friends

While pottery in Izu Kogen is enjoyable on your own, we highly recommend joining with family or friends. Amidst smiles and conversations, create winter break memories that will last a lifetime. Trying pottery together, especially as a family, is a wonderful way to make lasting memories.

Book Early

Winter break is a popular time to visit Ennokama, and to avoid crowds, we recommend making reservations in advance. Feel free to reach out to us via our inquiry form for any questions or to secure your spot.

Heartwarming Pottery Experience in Izu Kogen

Make your winter break a rich tapestry of memories with a pottery experience in the heart of Izu Kogen. We look forward to welcoming you alongside your family and friends, surrounded by the natural beauty of Izu Kogen.